Why Can’t I Help the Narcissist to Get It?

About Kaleah LaRoche

Kaleah LaRoche is the Founder of Narcissism Free and has been working to support others in their recovery of narcissistic abuse since 2006. She has authored four books on the topic of narcissistic abuse, recovery, and traversing the dark night of the soul. A Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Counselor since 1988, Kaleah brings her compassionate counseling skill and Hypnotherapy to assist in healing and recovery. Kaleah also has a popular podcast "Pandora's Box." You can go to pandoras-box-radio.com to listen.

1 comment on “Why Can’t I Help the Narcissist to Get It?

  1. This is a very painful sick reality living with a narcissist. He knew what he was doing, he said he liked the drama, and he said he was a trouble maker and I was a trouble taker. No truer word were ever spoken. I am NO CONTACT now, This is going to be painful but I will come through it and see the light again. I will never return to the victim stance again. He has taught me well what I do not want to ever happen again. I am glad I met the evil demon, it woke me up, I know now what I have within me and my possiblilities, he tried to destroy me but I kept surviving. I will love again and I will never again be with a person that has that disordered. I wrote it all down and I shall make it clear to myself when I feel it in my gut and they have the patterns. From here forth I am a woman of value and will allow into my life those who can grow and change and are not disordered like the Malignant Narcissist. I almost died upon my suicide attempt that he so cleverly led me to, and two others that he has been with tried to commit suicide as well. It was no coincidence. I will use my anger, my strength to prevail and to landscape my future. I love people and life and have been kept from freedom for so long. I will focus on my self and my journey and heal. Then I wish to offer up my knowledge to those in Trauma and I will.

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