What Am I Feeling?

Feeling-WomanYou can heal what you can feel. It is important to “tune in” and be aware of what you are feeling in order to allow that feeling to surface and be felt and released.

All feelings are valid and we should all learn to welcome all of our feelings without judging them or making them right or wrong, good or bad.

Many people get stuck on what they are thinking, rather than what they are feeling. It is good to have a strong understanding of what a feeling actually is so that you can develop a growing awareness of your own emotional nature.

Most true healing is emotional in nature, not cognitive or thought based. The more you can “tap in” to what you feel, the greater your emotional healing.

If you need a little help identifying your feelings, read the  feelings list and feelings wheel below!

Feelings List


Feelings Wheel



About Kaleah LaRoche

Kaleah LaRoche is the Founder of Narcissism Free and has been working to support others in their recovery of narcissistic abuse since 2006. She has authored four books on the topic of narcissistic abuse, recovery, and traversing the dark night of the soul. A Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Counselor since 1988, Kaleah brings her compassionate counseling skill and Hypnotherapy to assist in healing and recovery.

Kaleah also has a popular podcast “Pandora’s Box.” You can go to pandoras-box-radio.com to listen.