Soul Recovery

dreamstime_xl_50220964Soul Recovery
is great for people who have been through narcissistic abuse because this type of abuse is really a type of “soul rape”. You have lost pieces of your soul to the abuse and in order to be fully empowered in your life again you must reclaim those lost parts of yourself.

We lose pieces of our soul through trauma, pain and abuse. At the time of the trauma a piece of ourselves gets stuck in that time and we lose part of our life force energy with that piece.

Soul Recovery is a process by which we regain those pieces of ourselves that have been lost. As your guide I take you to those places where your life force energy is stuck and free them up so you can be fully present and in your power right here right now.

In order to experience life with passion and joy you must have all your pieces. You must have all your life force energy! This will allow you to step fully into your life purpose and do the work you have come here to do.

In Soul Recovery we often work in extracting your soul pieces from other lifetimes and realities. This also frees up your energy from subconscious memories that have traveled with you for ages preventing you from being fully present in the here and now.

The here and now is where our power is! This is where we can make a difference!

 Who Needs Soul Recovery?

People who have issues in any area of their life can benefit from Soul Recovery. If you are suffering from:

Drug or Alcohol Addiction
Addictions to Food, Smoking, Sex or any other vice.
Abuse Trauma
Broken Heart
Psychological Issues
Health Issues
Lack of Energy
Lack of Clarity on Life Direction
Stuck in negativity
Lack of passion for living

How Is Soul Recovery Done?

There are many ways Soul Recovery is performed. Shamans will do Soul Retrieval work by Journeying on behalf of their client to the inner dimensions of reality where the soul pieces have been lost and retrieve them for their client.

I combine my training in Clinincal Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Soul Retrieval to work with the client in locating the point of trauma where the soul piece was lost and restoring it. I work as a guide to travel with the client into other places in time and empower the client to take his/her own soul piece back. This empowers the client and gives them the education to do this work for themselves in the future.

I often will use the tools I have gained in my personal journey which include powerful clearing vocal tones, music, drums, rattles, sage, and energy work.

 My Education:

I received my Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1988 with the Late Master Hypnotherapist Charles Tebbits. I studied Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s Shamanic Training and received the Munay-Ki Nine Rites of Initiation passed down from the Inka Elders of Peru. I studied with the Shaman Blue Cloud and received certification in Soul Recovery from the Sedona Shamanic School.

I have extensive independent training in Psychology with a specialized focus on Personality Disorders and Narcissistic Abuse. I have come to understand personality disorders to result from fragmentation and major loss of soul pieces through past or previous life trauma.

I wrote the Book “Spiritual Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse” as an aide to help others understand a more spiritual approach to recovering from abuse and regaining their power.

 How Can I Get a Session?

I take clients in person or over the phone.

Phone sessions can be very effective since we are journeying to other places in time. I simply ask you to set up an appointment time.

Have a headset available as you will be lying down listening to my voice during your session. I will also be working with my headset on and in my healing space with all my tools.

Contact me for more information or to schedule a session.

ShamanicJourney_SoulRetrieval_300wAssist Your Soul Recovery Process with the Shamanic Journey’s Soul Retrieval Audio Download by Kaleah