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  • Do You Feel You Have Lost Your Soul?
  • Is Your Energy Being Drained in a Toxic Relationship?
  • Do You Feel You Have Undergone a Soul Rape?
  • Have You Gone Through Narcissistic Abuse?
  • Have You Lost Your Will to Live?

Take Charge of Your Life and Get Your Energy Back!

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Soul Retrieval is a process by which we work, in a Shamanic Healing Session, to call back those parts and pieces of your Soul or vital Life-Force energy from an individual or situation where you have experienced loss or trauma.

This is an energetic process that is done, in a relaxed, trance state, where we are communicating with the subconscious mind and higher SELF to set in motion the return of that which has been lost, stolen or given away.

People who have experienced narcissistic abuse all relate to the term “soul rape” because it feels that something very core to their “being” has been taken from them. After narcissistic abuse one normally feels drained, powerless, grief stricken and betrayed on very deep levels. There is often a lack of will to live which stems from a lack of energy in which to carry on with one’s life.

We often don’t realize where our power lies and where it comes from. We can easily assign our power to the person we perceive has taken it and feel utterly “powerless” in their presence, or in general.

drum_250wIn this “Soul Retrieval” program you will be guided, in a drum induced relaxed state, to work directly with the energies that have been extracted, to call them back and connect back up to the source of your life energy.

This is a thirty minute journey which can be taken each day for greater results. The first segment of the journey explains what happens to you when you lose your “soul energy” and how you can take it back. This segment prepares you for the Soul Retrieval.

butterfly_300wThe second segment is a Shamanic Soul Retrieval Session conducted to the beat of the Shaman’s Drum. It is a guided journey to your inner Self where the most powerful energy work can take place. This session, if repeated on a regular basis can completely shift your energy and assist you in taking back your power from a person or situation you feel “powerless” in. Although you may easily experience great results from just one session, repeated listening is recommended for greatest long term results.

As with any hypnosis session or affirmation process, repetition is a powerful way to influence the subconscious mind. The subconscious may be operating out of a belief that you are powerless and that “the other” has taken your power. In reality it is impossible for someone to take our power if we don’t consent to it on some level. Once the subconscious is re-conditioned with the knowledge that “YOU HAVE THE POWER” you will begin living in a different way.

Not only is this program designed to retrieve your soul on an energetic level but also to strongly influence your subconscious mind to assist you in taking back your power.

ShamanicJourney_SoulRetrieval_100wGet This Soul Retrieval Shamanic Journey Now For Only $17.97.


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