Self Worth

self-worth-coverSelf Worth Audio Hypnosis Program

Being in a narcissistic relationship slowly erodes our self-worth! Through the process of subtle undermining, criticism and the process of devaluing and discarding we find ourselves to be a mere shadow of who we once were.

By popular request I have designed a self-hypnosis audio program to help you get yourself back or if you never really felt strong or confident to begin with this will help to restructure the unconscious programming that gives you your sense of self-worth.

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful ways to influence the subconscious mind because it bypasses the conscious, reasoning faculties and goes right to that part of you where your unconscious ideas about yourself are formulated.

Any issue you are having in your life must be solved on the level it was created. Subtle undermining and constant criticism tends to bypass our conscious and go right to that part that is burried deep within us. Intellectually you may know you have worth and value. You may know you are a strong, intelligent, capable individual who is worthy of love, affection and positive attention; however, there is a part of you that has an entirely different belief. This is the buried, emotional aspect that leaves you feeling worthless, inadequate, stupid, unattractive and rejected.

This part of you has been developed through constant reinforcement through external and internal programming. Not only do you develop your feelings of low-self worth from a narcissistic mate, friend, family member or co-worker, but you reinforce these feelings through the internalized narcissist or critical parent who quickly reminds you of your inadequacy when you make a mistake, fall short of a goal or even think about the person who has placed you in an inferior position.

You can reverse this process by the use of hypnosis which puts you in a deeply relaxed state and feeds you positive messages about yourself. Within a short period of time listening on a regular basis you will begin to feel differently. You will start to get that bounce back in your step and find yourself going to that place of negative self-talk less and less.

By listening to the Self-Worth Audio Hypnosis Program you are making a conscious decision to reverse unconscious programming.

This program is yours now for immediate download for only a fraction of the price of an actual session with me and you can listen to it over and over until you see the results you want in your life. Even if you are working with me individually this program is a great bonus to keep you working on yourself between sessions.

This program is just under 45 minutes long.

self worth audio hypnosis program with kaleahPurchase Self-Worth Now as an audio download for only 14.97.

with Native American Flute music by Kaleah


I must fess up about something-I had not listened to your self worth tape much until recently  (stupid me) I didn’t want to give u a testimony until I listened a bunch so I could give my subjective opinion ; for example, yesterday I was feeling rotten as though I was @ the bottom of the barrel; so I listened to your selfworth program and I’ve noticed this program is like a “2fer”; u get a breathing coach plus benefit of the  Hypnosis(mind-altering effect) to lift your mood and spirits ;I noted good  effects right after listening- I felt more motivated,my mental & physical energy increased, and more creative; I felt more hopeful , stimulated and inspired ; also, the sound effects are very relaxing with the most unique,beautiful music playing in the background; I am going to make a promise to myself and for myself to listen to this on a daily basis; I will schedule it in.

I just love the this self worth program. Thank you for making my life better. M.