Psychic Cord Cutting Mp3 Download

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Psychic Cord Cutting Mp3 Download

We are connected to the narcissist in our lives through an invisible psychic emotional bond that serves to drain our energy and leave us feeling depleted, lost, out of control, and raped on a deep soul level.

In order to free ourselves it is important that we do the inner work of cutting those psychic cords and getting our soul and our energy back, a process called soul retrieval or soul recovery.

psychic cord cuttingNow I am offering a guided meditation audio exclusively for the purpose of psychic chord cutting.

You can lie down in the comfort of your own home, play the audio and allow yourself to be guided through the process of having those psychic cords cut awayfreeing up your emotional and psychic energy.

Sometimes after going through this process we invite those cords to re-attach. So you have the opportunity to continue to listen to this CD and do these exercises several times, even once a day for 30 days can have a tremendous impact in both helping you to relax, reclaim your power, call back those pieces of your soul, you have lost and cutting those psychic cords.

My Psychic Cord Cutting audio program consist of two 20 minute audio hypnosis programs that will guide you through the process of cutting those cords. The audio’s are also very relaxing with a musical background to help you get into the space necessary to do the visualization and cord cutting work.

Listening to this audio program can be as effective as hiring someone to do Shamanic or Cord Cutting work with you. It also teaches you how to take control of the situation yourself so that you can do this process whenever it is needed in your life. Not only in the relationship you are currently disconnecting from but in other emotionally draining relationships as well.

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spiritualrecoverybook_coverSpiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse is my E-book that talks about what narcissistic abuse is and what we can do about it. In this book I tell you how to sever those psychic energy cords and how to get your life and energy back. I discuss the challenges in dealing with a narcissist and how to use the experience to go to the next level in your life. This book also tells my own story of abuse and how I came to these techniques that empowered and freed me from two narcissistic relationships.

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