Letting Go

lettinggo_cover_300wAre you having a difficult time letting go of that person in your life? You know the one. The one you are always thinking about, even though you know that person isn’t good for you or you know it is just better to release that person and move on with your life.

Even though you may consciously know it is best to “let go” of that person, what keeps you continuing to hold on is an unconscious property. It belongs to your subconscious mind. You may have stuck beliefs or ideas that keep you focused on the past rather than the future, or better yet, the present moment, where you know you want to be.

In order to have the kind of results you are looking for it is important to get through to your subconscious mind and program it to accept a new way of being, without that person.

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“The information you provide and, in particular for me, the “Letting Go” meditation CD has been life-changing.  It’s true that knowledge is power and learning about narcissism and being able to put a name and corresponding symptoms to what I had experienced has been HUGE in my recovery.  Still, there was a sadness and aching that seemed it would never leave, until I listened to the “Letting Go” CD.  Not only did it work, it worked tremendously the very first time I listened to it and dutifully followed the guided meditation.  The following day I felt so relieved and actually happy for the first time in months.  Though it has been a few months since I first purchased it, I still listen to it every single night prior to going to bed because, not only have I become happy and carefree again, but it also creates the most deep and relaxing sleep for me.  Even if dealing with a Narc is not someone’s issue, this CD could be used for a variety of purposes in letting go of bad or old habits, friends or people that hurt us, etc. – or just for a relaxed state of being.  The few nights that I have been awakened and unable to fall back to sleep, I just begin the CD again, following minutes 3 through 12 for relaxation and I’m fast asleep again long before I ever reach minute 12.

I have also purchased the “Kick Start Your Life” book and CD and, as a result, am once again active, alive and my business as a marketing consultant is thriving again.  I am active in several singles groups, donate time at Feed My Starving Children and auditioned-for and joined a choir called “Voices of Peace”, as that is exactly how I’m feeling these days, joyous and at peace for the first time in years, and I want to sing it from the rafters.

Thank you so much for all of this and for all you do!  Please feel free to post this, or contact me as I have been touting this website to all who are affected and will listen. D. M. “