Downloading Mp3’s and PDF’s onto Your Device

When I first started having downloadable products most people had a desktop or laptop computer which easily handled the download of audio, Epub and PDF files.  But now days more and more people are using their phones and ipads for their downloads and don’t even own a computer.

Downloading Mp3’s and other files onto your computer is still the easiest way to go but if all you have is a phone, you can still download these products.

Mobile phones are all about the apps.  If you don’t have the appropriate application, you won’t be able to download and play the Mp3 audio files or read the Epub or PDF Ebooks.  It is up to the user to know how their own device works and would be impossible for us to provide technical support for each individual device. What we can do is give you some information and options that should help you to download our products onto your device.

My products do require that you download them.  I don’t offer a “click and play” or “click and read” option because piracy is a big problem in the digital media world.  The only way to protect the products from piracy is to have a secure download method.  Therefore once you receive your download link, after purchasing the product, you must download the product onto your device and store it in a safe place where you can find it again.

Here are the most common devices being used today:

Downloading onto a PC

With a PC you simply right click on the download link and “save link as,” saving the file to a place on your hard drive where you can find it again.  I recommend you have a file in your documents labeled “audio programs” or “Ebooks” so that you can keep all your purchases organized.

If you are downloading a PDF file you will need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader, which is free to download.

To read an e-book that ends with the .EPUB file extension, install a free EPUB reader on your computer or mobile device. Install Google Play Books from the Play Store. Play Books is a free e-book reader for Android that can read EPUB files.[1] Search the Play Store for “Play Books” and tap “Install” to get the app.

If you are downloading an Mp3 file you will need windows media player or another audio device installed on your computer.  Most people already have these reader/players installed.

Downloading to a Mac

For Ebooks you will need an installed “reader” for PDF files or Epub files.  You may want to download Clearview. In what looks like a cross between Google Chrome and Preview, Clearview lets you organize your ePub, PDF, and MOBI eBooks, then read and annotate them in the same app. It renders all of them very well, and can either keep annotations stored in its own library so your files aren’t modified or can save the annotations directly to your files.  The file is free for a trial version and about $8.00 for the fully functional version.  Most say it is well worth the price if you are an avid Ebook reader.

Adobe Reader has a free download for Mac as well.

When you are using Mac computers for your business, your default media player for playing audio files is iTunes, which comes installed on all Apple computers. To play an MP3 – one of many media file types accepted by iTunes – you’ll need to download the file and drag it into iTunes.

1. Locate the MP3 file you want to download from the Internet.
2. Press “Ctrl” and your mouse button simultaneously; this emulates the “right-click” gesture on a Windows computer and a menu of options will appear.
3. Click “Save File As” from the menu options. Select a folder in which to save the file and click “Save.”
4. Launch iTunes by clicking on the “iTunes” icon from your Mac’s Dock.
5. Open the folder in which you saved the MP3 file by double-clicking on its name in the Finder. At this point, you should have both the iTunes window and the folder window open.
6. Click on the name of the MP3 file and then drag it into the iTunes window. You will see a dialog box near the top of the window showing the status of the file transfer. When the dialog box closes, your MP3 file will be accessible in iTunes.

Downloading Mp3 on Android Phone

Download All Files Android App

Download All Files
is an Android App which works for almost all the version of Android OS serving the primary purpose of downloading any content that you browse on to the browser. Excluding the video that you browse on YouTube and the audio songs that you stream online, you can download anything from the web.

You can download and save any attachment from Gmail, eMail and it’s not a standalone app, but it’s a plugin to the browser. You can download APK, RAR, ZIP, EXE, MP3, DOC (Word), XLS (Excel)formats. So when I mean anything from the web it also includes download of audio from site that you browse.

Download the “Download All Files” App Here.

How to use it:
You can start download by pressing the file you want to download in your web browser. In some cases you might need to long press the link and choose “Share Link” followed by “Download All Files”.

Supported browsers:
• Stock browser (simple click OR long press then “Share Link” -> “Download All Files”)
• Chrome (simple click OR long press then “Copy link address”, then go to Download All Files and press the + button, the address should paste automatically)
• Dolphin (simple click OR long press then “Share Link” -> “Download All Files”)
• Skyfire (long press then “Share Link” -> “Download All Files”)
• Firefox (long press then “Share Link” -> “Download All Files”)
• Boat Browser (simple click then “Open” OR long press then “Share Link” -> “Download All Files”)

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are NOT supported, because the way the browsers are coded by their developers.

Download Mp3 on iPhone or iPad

I-tunes is the default “player” for apple products such as iPhone and iPad.  Be sure it is installed on your device.

To download your MP3 purchase directly to your iPhone or iPad, you must have an app that can open and play the file. We recommend  the free app “Easy Downloader Free.” Easy Downloader is a simple download manager that allows you to download files and play them. Download “Easy Downloader Free” from the iTunes app store:

How do i download mp3 to my ipad? I don’t have another computer to synch to. It is my only computer device.

1. Get a DropBox account (FREE)

Once Dropbox is installed and setup, navigate to the mp3 file, tap and hold the link and a pop up will display list of options, including save to Dropbox.  You can play the file from DropBox.

Another method is to install iCab mobile:

iCab mobile will let you download mp3 files directly onto your iPad and store them there. Additionally, you can play back mp3 files within iCab.