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Disconnect From Emotionally Draining Relationships

womanwithlightbeam_800LIt is becoming more and more evident that there is an invisible web of energy tying us all together. This Web of energy is talked about in books such as “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart, “What You Can Feel You Can Heal,” by John Gray, “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield, and even movies like “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

We know that we are affected by unseen forces. For example, we don’t see the wind or the air we breathe. We don’t see viruses in the air, or bacteria on our food. Similarly we don’t see the invisible thread of energy that goes between ourselves and those we relate with on a daily basis.

I began understanding the psychic connection between people many years ago although I’ve known about it on some level most of my life.

I was on a massage table having some energy work done in Sedona, Arizona and my therapist said there were so many psychic cords attached to me that he needed to get out the lawn mower. It was a sort of joke between us. Normally when one performs a cord cutting exercise he uses an imaginary sword or scissors.

Right as the energy worker went over my psychic energy field with the psychic lawn mower my boyfriend, at the time,  jumped up from the waiting room he was in and came running in angry and disoriented. The next day my narcissistic ex-boyfriend contacted me by Email and so did his ex-wife, and his daughter. I was amazed at the power of this rather simple process. Those who had been disconnected felt me on some level and made contact with me in effort to re-connect.

Earlier that same month a woman, who could see energy, saw a hose like cord going from me to my boyfriend and said that he was sucking my energy.

As I began studying narcissism and its psychic affects on the victim, I could see the power those psychic cords had on influencing our reality. I also saw the importance of detaching or severing those cords in order to be free of the continuing psychic affects of that relationship.

I performed a series of cord cutting exercises on myself to break the psychic bonds with my ex-narcissistic boyfriend. I could see how he would re-attach psychically even after six months of not seeing him. This would happen at my weakest moments when I was blaming myself or feeling down about myself in some way. In a sense I would invite the connection back because there was a part of me that wanted to remain connected to him.

Unfortunately the psychic connection between myself and my ex-boyfriend was very unhealthy for me. It resulted in my feeling weak, disempowered, obsessive, sad, depressed, tired, and seeing myself as a failure. Severing the psychic cords would restore my power and sense of confidence in myself.

I realized that through this psychic connection I was taking on everything he had always projected onto me. I was owning his stuff, allowing the dark, murky waters of his emotional reality to flow into my energy field, polluting my reality.

When we severe the psychic hose that dumps the murky, toxic energy of an unconscious partner or former partner into our energy field, we can begin to see clear water once again. It was pretty clear that this narcissistic individual in my life needed to have someone to dump his repressed emotional toxicity onto in order to feel strong within himself. If he wasn’t dumping on me he would be dumping on someone else.

Once we disconnect those psychic, emotional cords the person who has been feeding on our energy will feel a difference.  He or she may even know, on some level, that something has just happened and it has to do with you. But most often it is likely to be unconscious.  Often the phone will ring, or we will get an email, or that person may even show up at the door. This is a time we need to be particularly strong and keep our energy to ourselves.

Sometimes we need to repeat the process of cutting the psychic cords several times in order to be completely free of the energy that is draining us. I believe that the process always works, even when we don’t feel an immediate difference. The only reason it may not seem to work, for some, is that the they have become so accustomed to the murky energy of the psychic vampire in their life that they invite the cord to reattach.

We get comfortable with what is is familiar and if we have established a pattern with a narcissistic or emotional vampire we have to really understand how to break that connection and change the pattern.

I spoke to a woman who once described the attachment like a grey cloud over her head and she was so used to this cloud that when it was gone she missed it and went seeking the cloud. It was as if having blue skies in her life was unfamiliar and somewhat uncomfortable. We get used to our dark clouds and aren’t sure what to do when they are gone. It is the same reason that victims of abuse keep finding people to abuse them. It is familiar and comfortable.

So when you cut those psychic cords you have to be ready and willing to embrace a change in your life. There will be something missing! But nature always moves in to fill a void in our lives. Be prepared to accept something better. Invite something better into your life. Invite love, light and positive energy. It may take a while to get used to how this feels in your energy field, but once you adapt to it, you will be glad you put out the invitation.

Are You Ready To Cut Those Cords?


Psychic Cord Cutting Mp3 Download

We are connected to the narcissist in our lives through an invisible psychic emotional bond that serves to drain our energy and leave us feeling depleted, lost, out of control, and raped on a deep soul level.

In order to free ourselves it is important that we do the inner work of cutting those psychic cords and getting our soul and our energy back, a process called soul retrieval or soul recovery.

psychic cord cuttingNow I am offering a guided meditation audio exclusively for the purpose of psychic chord cutting.

You can lie down in the comfort of your own home, play the audio and allow yourself to be guided through the process of having those psychic cords cut awayfreeing up your emotional and psychic energy.

Sometimes after going through this process we invite those cords to re-attach. So you have the opportunity to continue to listen to this CD and do these exercises several times, even once a day for 30 days can have a tremendous impact in both helping you to relax, reclaim your power, call back those pieces of your soul, you have lost and cutting those psychic cords.

My Psychic Cord Cutting audio program consist of two 20 minute audio hypnosis programs that will guide you through the process of cutting those cords. The audio’s are also very relaxing with a musical background to help you get into the space necessary to do the visualization and cord cutting work.

Listening to this audio program can be as effective as hiring someone to do Shamanic or Cord Cutting work with you. It also teaches you how to take control of the situation yourself so that you can do this process whenever it is needed in your life. Not only in the relationship you are currently disconnecting from but in other emotionally draining relationships as well.


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spiritualrecoverybook_coverSpiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse is my E-book that talks about what narcissistic abuse is and what we can do about it. In this book I tell you how to sever those psychic energy cords and how to get your life and energy back. I discuss the challenges in dealing with a narcissist and how to use the experience to go to the next level in your life. This book also tells my own story of abuse and how I came to these techniques that empowered and freed me from two narcissistic relationships.

Also included is a short E-book Called Psychic Conversations which tells you how to get closure and completion with someone through psychic communication. This process is great for dealing with anger and emotions that you have never had the opportunity to express.

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