Narcissism Free Now on YouTube

Well, I have been dragging my feet, but after years of broadcasting on Pandora’s Box, I have decided to start making video’s.  I’ve always been a bit camera shy and didn’t really like the idea but realize how powerful video’s are for people looking to understand a topic like narcissism.

Many of my counseling clients talked about the various video’s they have watched and what they have learned from the video’s.  They also would encourage me to start making videos.  So I decided 2017 was the year to break into video.  There is a lot to learn, but like broadcasting, I am putting one foot in front of the other and doing the best I can.

For those of you who love Pandora’s Box Radio, it is still there and each video broadcast is also available on Pandora’s Box in its usual format, including the ability to download and listen on your phone.

You can watch my video’s Here


About Kaleah LaRoche

Kaleah LaRoche is the Founder of Narcissism Free and has been working to support others in their recovery of narcissistic abuse since 2006. She has authored four books on the topic of narcissistic abuse, recovery, and traversing the dark night of the soul. A Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Counselor since 1988, Kaleah brings her compassionate counseling skill and Hypnotherapy to assist in healing and recovery. Kaleah also has a popular podcast "Pandora's Box." You can go to to listen.