Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul

A New Book by KaleahAfter years of working with people who are recovering from narcissistic abuse I saw a pattern. The same kind of process was happening with the majority of my clients.

There was the initial shock, the break down, the overwhelming emotional states, a lack of will to live, a fear one is going crazy, mass confusion, hopelessness and despair.

I began to see the process of breaking down as similar to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Although it appears as though we are dying; we are really in the process of reconstruction, or rebirth.

But before one can be reborn s/he must die to the old; shed the skins and surrender to the process.

If you find that you are in a dark night of the soul; this book is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are male, female, straight or gay, this book will give you the tools to navigate through possibly one of the darkest times of your life and help you to find the positive in what may seem to be a hopeless situation.

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Le Ah Tiamat


Hi Kaleah,

I had to write to you as soon as I finished reading your new book. First, I want to extend by support and love to you as you continue to move through your transformation. Secondly, I want you to know how inspiring you are to be able to share your journey with all those on the same pathway as you.

Reading your book brought back so many of the special conversations we had and how you helped me during my darkest hour. It is such an interesting truth that no matter how much we understand something intellectually we much go through the dark tunnel by ourselves in order to heal and recover from our own pain.

What I found the most helpful during reading your book is how important all the pain is. I think up until now I still have been avoiding so much of the pain. I have always asked myself why am I still suffering, still holding on, still feeling like a victim. I believe now it is because I have not completely allowed myself to feel the “soul cutting” that I experienced at the end of my marriage. I also had this enormous fear that once I started “bleeding” I would never be able to stop. Through my trust in you, my therapist, and loving friends I know the “bleeding” will stop, the pain ease, and while there will be a scar, I will reclaim my life and continue to shine my light on others.

I hope that your healing continues to bring you peace and grace. You certainly have found your purpose in life. Know that the hundreds of us “out there” who have experience betrayal are all in a better place because of the work you do.

With love and blessings, J.K.

Hi Kaleah

I just wanted to say thank you for your book “Rebirth.” I purchased it and have been reading it. I feel like i am reading my life in painful details.. It is helping me tremendously. K.K.


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