Healing Narcissistic Abuse

How Do I Recover from Narcissistic Abuse?

healingabusethickpaperbackfront (2)“Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and Finding the True Self” is a compilation of Kaleah LaRoche’s years of experience in the field of narcissistic abuse and recovery. Using her personal experiences and the experiences of her clients she delves deeply into how to deal with the shock and trauma of narcissistic abuse as well as the shame, the self blame and intense pain.

In “Healing Narcissistic Abuse” Kaleah takes readers on the journey of inner transformation, viewing their experiences as an opportunity to learn more about oneself, take personal responsibility for ones healing and step into a much more empowered experience of life and relationship. The journey is one of a spiritual warrior traversing the Dark Night of the Soul with insight and courage rather than a victim who focuses on the narcissistic injury.

This book has over 250 pages of insight, wisdom, tools and coping strategies to help and encourage victims of narcissistic abuse to take back their power, learn from their experiences and step into their true, authentic selves, possibly for the first time ever.

FreebirdOn a spiritual note Kaleah guides you to view your experiences and your pain as a gateway to spiritual transformation going from the caterpillar through the process of metamorphosis and rebirthed into the butterfly, the true essence of Self.

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Here is an excerpt from “Healing Narcissistic Abuse.”

Most people don’t understand that recovery from narcissistic abuse is a traumatic experience. The one thing I hear more than anything else from my clients is “nobody understands my pain; not even the therapists I have seen

If you are suffering from such a trauma, people will tell you “just get over it already!” Therapists will work to help you with your self esteem but most often won’t address the trauma. Ironically your therapist will often be the one who tells you the person you are struggling to overcome is a narcissist. Your therapist is often the one to diagnose you with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But how do you really cope? That remains a mystery for sufferers and therapists alike.

The clear answer is to get away from that person. The common thought is when you are no longer engaging with the narcissist in your life, you can make a speedy recovery. What people don’t often realize is that narcissism is like a virus that takes hold in your psyche and won’t let up. It is the toxic gift that keeps on giving. You can’t seem to get away from it; even after that person is long gone. It is as if the narcissist projects and dumps into your energy field all of his toxic garbage and then cuts off from you and moves on before it can catch back up with him, or her. You are left holding the bag! You are left recovering from the virus and it is a sticky virus. It is a long journey to recovery.

The journey involves post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive thinking, low energy, lack of vitality, heartbreak, betrayal, deception, feeling devalued and discarded, feeling abandoned, feeling replaced, feeling lost, crazy, frustrated, insecure, needy, and addicted. You may be feeling guilty as if you were to blame for it all. You may be feeling deep grief and sadness, emptiness, and loneliness. You may have lost your will to live. You may feel invisible, like you don’t matter. You may even feel you don’t exist at all. You are most likely feeling the lack of closure. You may feel a strong desire for revenge; wanting that person to pay for his or her sins against you. You may have lost everything, including your children, your home, your livelihood, your money and your health. You may feel that God has it out for you and possibly even lost your faith that there is any kind of God at all. You may be going through a dark night of the soul; a descent into darkness deeper than anything you have ever experienced. You may have dreams and nightmares about the narcissist in your life and feel haunted by the mere thought of him or her. You want nothing more than to get away but there is no place to run. You are plagued by a constant state of anxiety that won’t go away. You may have tried everything you could possibly think of to alleviate the symptoms and bring you some kind of peace.

Life as you know it is over. There is no going back to what once was. There has been a death; a death of a part of yourself it seems the narcissist has taken from you. You have lost a big piece of your soul and you want it back. You feel tied to that person through an invisible psychic cord that is very difficult to cut. Each time you try it seems the narcissist comes back either energetically or physically. Your energy is constantly being vampired; your life force energy; your lifeblood, sucked dry.

What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you turn to for help and relief?

headshot_300wMy name is Kaleah and in my work with narcissistic abuse I have often been the person people turn to, to find understanding, support and relief from narcissistic abuse. I have gone through this kind of abuse myself, several times, and spent years counseling people who are suffering from narcissistic abuse.

If you would like insight into the wisdom I have gained through my years working with narcissistic abuse as well as my own personal experiences with this disorder I urge you to read this book:

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Here are just a few of the experiences of people who have worked with me:

The Real Deal

Kaleah did a lot of listening in our session together. Then she reflected back what she heard and offered suggestions. I have been listening to her internet radio program for years. I admire and respect her courage. I intend on continuing to work with her, she is the real deal.

Kaleah helped me more than anyone else I saw

In my session with Kaleah I got more understanding, resources and healing than from all the other people I’ve gone to. Afterwards I felt some peace inside for the first time in weeks, and was able to fall asleep normally and sleep most of the night. A miracle in itself. She really understands and it makes a HUGE difference to have support from someone who truly gets what you are going through. S.K.

Unique Insights

Kaleah is fantastic. She has amazing insights. The sessions are very individualistic. I was concerned about phone appointments, but it turns out to be great. I’ve been having regular sessions for many months and it is working very well. Client in California

Powerful Healing

My sessions with Kaleah have changed my whole perspective on relationships for the better. She made me feel affirmed and supported. I am very blessed and fortunate to have found her! Michelle T.


My session with Kaleah resulted in a mind shift that changed my entire perspective. I was able to remove some blocks which had been holding me back. My focus and energy are greater than before. She was really helpful and I’m grateful for all of her help. N.C.

A great experience

Had my first session with Kaleah and it was great, very empowering and enlightening. Validated what i was thinking about a relationship and made me look at things differently and that it was ok to feel the way that I feel, and that it is healthy to feel it and taught me ways how to act on those feelings in a positive way. Will do a little work on myself and then will schedule another session.

psychic cord cutting with kaleah

kaleah provided me with a very powerful experience yesterday. she did a cord cutting ritual with me that moved me in a way that my months and months of psychoanalytic therapy could not – as this work was spiritual – and just what i needed to begin the real process of moving forward in my life. i am grateful indeed.

When I wanted to die…

I have had what can only be described as a disturbing and life changing encounter with a narcisist/psychopath. I had severe PTSD and my life was spiraling out of control. Kaleah has been pivotal to my recovery (albeit painstakingly slow. I must drive her mad with my never-ending questions and repeating the same things over and over!) She has been patient, wise, caring and most importantly has been able to guide me in a direction where I can now start to help myself start to heal. She’s A1!! B girl

powerful, wise

I would recommend her to anyone.She has great compassion yet ability to cut thru the crap. Her pricing is fair and she is extremely present. I hope others can feel the incredible validation and relief from pain I experienced. She is also an expert in dealing with grief providing practical tools to assist. Pamela

My counseling with Kaleah

I had my first phone session with Kaleah yesterday. I would like to schedule more with her in the future. It was very informative and a value all that was said. Highly recommend anyone wanting to head towards healing to have a session with her. Thank you Kaleah DT

Amazing and Authentic!!

Kaleah has such a strong, supportive, clear energy. I have done several sessions with her. The hypnotherapy sessions have benefited me more than any type of work I have done to date, and I have done a lot! I have some of the guided meditations she offers, too; they are great. But her energy on the calls while I am in a deeper state is so profoundly present and supportive. She really knows how to get through to the subconscious mind and help clear old beliefs and set new ones. So glad to find her!! CD

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healingnarcissisticabusecover300wIn my own experience recovering from narcissistic abuse I was guided to my true self and my mission in life; which is to help others to heal from this kind of abuse and use their healing journey to get to the core of who they really are. I discovered I was a healer, a counselor and a midwife for the journey of the soul through darkness. My work evolved from my personal experiences.

Through counseling others I began to see patterns in my clients. The same symptoms and the same issues were showing up over and over. I found ways to help people to cope and deal with the Post Traumatic Stress, the endless questioning, the self doubt and the pain.

Although my work is evolving as a mission to help people on the “Path Back to Self” I knew it was important to share the knowledge and experience I have gained over my years working in this field and this book “Healing Narcissistic Abuse” is an accumulation of that wisdom.

Book Testimonials:

Thank you, I figured it out! I’m more than halfway through the book, it is wonderful in every aspect. I have been researching into the topic since my situation recently imploded…And your book is the one which is bringing everything together. Just the act of reading it is soothing my soul. Everything you say is spot on, I feel like I’m having aha! moments every other sentence. I look forward to reading the rest, & exploring your website. Your work is like a beacon to me right now. Thank you Kaleah. :)

Thank you for writing this amazing book. I am one of many fans who write to thank you and encourage you to keep helping others. I am in 7th year- spending the few past years trying to get myself out without full success. The more I read, the more I know my brain understands and will help me succeed one day in treating myself better and thank goodness for your help understanding this very complex exchange people who haven’t been entangled and can’t understand. I don’t know where I would be without finding many resources on the web. Your writing has outstanding insight.
Thank you! – CJ

I thought your latest e book excellent. I could fill a small library will all the books I have read to try and get my head around my 2 marriages to 2 likely narcissists over 30 years and the mess I was left in with 3 children at the end. Your book condensed those many many books on personality disorders grief loss self realization spiritual crisis and energy vampires and put it into a succinct order with great advice and reality checks. I was in a ‘ valley ‘ I hoped I was well past when I read this. I was returning to thoughts I was irretrievably broken still. I think this book enabled me to restock and get back to my spiritual path. I was out on a wide bend not in a dead end. The gold in here was having someone else who understands how hard this is with children in the mix. To know co dependents will feel crazy in this spellbound dance of dizzy highs to discarded left for dead lows.

Thanks. I will be recommending this book a lot. I would love to get it one day in hard copy. KAREN

Dear Kaleah

Your new e-book resonates so well in my journey towards my self as I make good progress healing from narcissistic abuse.

Thank You So Much for what you have done for me through the book. The world will heal and evolve through your efforts. I am so happy for you in knowing that you were chosen to be His instrument for such a big contribution to humanity.

Loving You So Much

This book is designed to help YOU recover! There is a basic theme that is repeated throughout the book to help drive home the ideas and concepts you need in order to break through the illusions keeping you stuck.

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This ebook is delivered as a PDF. You will need Adobe Reader which is installed on most computers. You will also need an adobe reader application to read this on your phone or ipad. If you don’t have Adobe Reader you can download it free at the link below:


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  1. Виктор says:

    Doing Spiritual Healing as a means of narcissistic abuse recovery is far different than using traditional psychological methods, and it s far more in depth than other so called spiritual techniques you may have seen.

  2. It’s hɑrd to descend Ƅy enlightened people аbout this subject, bbut ʏou healthy likе you
    recognize what ƴou’rе talk ɑbout! Ҭhanks

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  3. Debbie Free says:

    I purchased the book this morning and have started reading it and already can’t believe that it describes it perfectly. I have been seeing a narc for the last five years. We are in our 40’s now but we were each other’s first loves way back in the 80’s. He killed me then just as he killed me this time. For 5 years I have tried to prove how much I love him only to catch him cheating and lying. He is a very nice narc, not out for money or anything like that as he has his own. He is a sex addict who will sleep with the women that he describes he hates. I guess he has the madonna/whore complex and I became the madonna only after getting me addicted to the great sex only to withhold it from me. I have never had a man to tell me no–in fact, I don’t know of any man to tell any woman no. I am done this time for good. It’s been 6 days with no contact whatsoever and I am determined this time more than ever. I found out he has reconnected with a woman from elementary school and they have been talking. I know her ex husband and have asked him about her. He is her 4th husband and they were only married for 3 months. What he described to me is exactly what my narc fears—a narc woman looking for money and to be kept up. She uses people too to get what she wants. My question is this–what happens in a relationship when 2 narcs like this get together? Yes, I want revenge so bad and I’m inpatient waiting on karma to arrive but after talking to her ex, I feel better now than ever because I am hoping he and she both get what they deserves—EACH OTHER!!

  4. I am out from my N X for 3 years now and I am now becoming a thriver not a survivor after all the help I have recieved. Thankyou for all your e.mails and your wonderful advice. It was a shocking life, I even found him constructing rows with me and the children for the pure goal of putting me down. He even scapegoated his son, so as to keep eyes off himself. SICK, EVIL, and he was the one calling me Mental. He even told me he was perfect. I am ina great place now and he even has isolated me from my 4 adult children but I know they will come back some day. With you helping me Kalaeh and God on my side who can be against me. with thanks MH

  5. admin says:

    At this time I only have this book in Ebook format. Seems the Ebooks are in much larger demand.

  6. Do you have this book available in hard copy by chance? That’s what I’d like to have.

  7. Heather says:

    I am not certain whether I am a victim of a narcissistic mother or a controlling mother. If I google Narcissism she ticks most of the boxes. I have broken contact with her for over a year now yet we live in the same area. Although I dont see her, I often look on the roads for her and I dont understand how a mother can do this to her child. I have lost my mother, father and sister now from her wicked ways whereby I was the only one to stand up against her. (My father had a stroke and is incapacitated and unable to help. He is not aware I am not in his life anymore.) My sister is dependant on my mother financially and has stabbed me in the back far to many times.

  8. Serafina says:

    I am 78 now and wish I had had this book when I married at 27 my narcissistic husband. I did not even know the term then. I survived , my children are healthy and successful today. I am emotionally and physically healthy. I have now been married 51 years to this narcissistic husband and we are at peace, deeply committed to each other . My husband is still a narcissist ,,they do not change, but I changed, through my spirituality, ongoing personal transformation, forgiveness and compassion. But the most important thing I learnt and deeply internalized, was that it was never about him and his behaviour , it was always about me and how I chose to react, the choices I made in responding to him and how I looked after myself on every level. Now my husband knows and accepts that no matter what he says , he can never get a rise out of me ,,so he gave up trying and continues to modify his behaviour. He was the best teacher for me. Because of him I am who I am today, it was unbelievably tough but I did it! Yes one can have a loving compassionate relationship with a narcissist. How about that!

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