Allowing Everything to be Exactly As It Is

With my new show Pandora’s Box, instead of thinking up titles for my shows ahead of time I am allowing them to surface each week prior to the show. This week I didn’t feel anything coming to me until sitting at my dining room table early Friday afternoon after taking a walk to the river. It was one of those beautiful blue sky winter days with the sun glistening off the snow covered fields. I wasn’t trying to think of anything. In fact quite the opposite! I was doing my best not to think about anything and just allow myself to be in the present moment. I wanted to take advantage of the beauty around me. I knew if I were to rise way above myself and look down at my life, it would seem quite beautiful. But I needed to get that from the inside. I needed to see I was birthing a beautiful new life from raw materials.

As I was sitting at my dining room table I was reminded of a phrase Adyashanti said “allow everything to be exactly as it is.” Ahhh! Yes it was in the wishing that things were different that we failed to see the beauty in what is. The beauty could be in the simple things. For me I had a comfortable home, just right for me. I had a beautiful path to the river that takes me through fields and trees and ponds. I have a kitchen filled with fresh fruits and vegetables right in the middle of winter. The sun was shining in my window warming my heart. The birds were singing to me. I made enough money to take care of myself. I had a new keyboard and was getting ready to record some new stuff. I was attracting some cool people to my radio show. And during the week I had the opportunity to serve people through my spiritual counseling practice.

I let go of everything that was my life but a new life was moving in to take its place. The problem I was having was in trusting that new life. I feared the best had already come and gone. I was afraid to fully let go. My mind wanted to wonder down memory lane shedding tears over the details of the life I had to let go of. But now and then I would stop, get a glimpse of where my foot was stepping and say to myself “now this isn’t so bad.”

It seemed the more I could allow everything to be exactly as it is the more I could let go of what was. I could stop hauling the past along with me like baggage that weighed me down. I didn’t need to be weighed down. I needed to embrace my freedom! I needed to trust that what was being given to me now would far exceed my expectations. As I learned to say “thank you” for what was being offered I found I was given just a little more, another piece to the puzzle of my life.

The undercurrent in letting go of the past was fear. I knew the past. I knew what it was. I didn’t know what was coming. It seemed whenever I would allow myself to dream of the future a thought would pop into my head “aren’t you forgetting something?” “Oh yes, the past, let me check in with it and see how it is doing.”

One thing I could be sure of is that the past was always still there. It was going anywhere and as long as I was spending my time looking backwards or wishing things were different I wasn’t going anywhere either.

Allowing things to be exactly as they are brings us back to the present moment and allows us to trust that there is a divine plan in place for our lives. Our lives aren’t random accidents. The pieces fall the way they do because that is exactly how it is supposed to go. If we find ourselves saying “it wasn’t supposed to be like this” or “if just this had happened or that” we are in resistance and that resistance has harmful consequences to our well being.

If we don’t trust in the divine plan of the universe we may find ourselves clinging to the edge of the river (the past) instead of letting go and surrendering to the flow of the current.

The truth for me is that I am entering the prime of my life and the universe pulled out all the stops. Anything that would have prevented me from achieving my full potential has been removed. I have a truck full of my illusions of who I thought I was. Had I been more “in tune” with the cosmos I might have heard the voice of the spirit within telling me I was being prepared for greatness so hold on tight, or rather “let go” and enjoy the ride. Each time I would get discouraged the voice would pop in and remind me of my divine mission and I would relax and settle into my life, exactly as it is now.

Perhaps as I trust more, I can hear that voice more. I know it won’t lead me astray. It is leading me towards my destiny.

The topic of my show this week is “Allow Everything To Be Exactly As It Is!” I invite you to join me and try on the concepts I will be discussing in your own life. See details below:

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3 Responses to Allowing Everything to be Exactly As It Is

  1. Laurel says:


    Thank you so much for your show! It was so helpful to me to realize how much I am tending to feel paralyzed because I am resisting what IS. The concept of “acceptance” has eluded me so far, but now I believe it is making sense.

    To be accepting of our circumstances, like the wise farmer, but also allowing ourselves to feel emotions as they come & go. This I think is the secret to keeping our “center” or balance in the course of life…and exactly what I have been missing. It is my lingering attachment to the “way things ought to be” or the way “I would have them be again” that causes the circle of suffering. Also, the resistance to feeling the seeming endless parade of painful emotions…that I should be feeling better by now & why don’t I?

    I had begun pondering this issue earlier in the day as I looked forward to your show…and realized that I have been asking God for some time now to “show me the NEW plan for my life” because I want to know WHERE I am going & what to DO. But then I thought maybe “THIS IS the all part of THE PLAN” that while I am so busy missing the good times past & worrying about what the THE PLAN is, that I am not paying attention to the PLAN happening right now & I am not really open to THE PLAN continuing to unfold as it might like to do.

    And, you’re right, the outer circumstances are actually pretty good: nice home in the woods with deer & wild turkeys in the yard, good health, loving great kids, great family, friends & neighbors, enough money, etc. There IS the pain of loss of marriage, job, empty nest, divorce process to get thru…but right now, today, I am OK.

    And, I am especially grateful for you! So much of what you say resonates with exactly where I find myself in this journey. I have come to the right place & I am so thankful to have found you!


  2. Laurel says:


    It sounds like just what I need to focus on! I am going to listen this afternoon.(Weds-late)

    My energy is low overall & I know it’s partly the emotional swamp of old pain…trying to allow it to drain, but I know that a big part of it is my attachment to the good times past. The beautiful times past that I miss, coupled with the fear that things will never be so good again & also the resistance to what i now face in moving thru the divorce process. Maybe part of it is to reconcile the good with the bad…Realizing that, Yes, it was worth it, so I can fully forgive myself for staying in a painful relationship as long as I did.

    You’re right. With such a focus, I am not open to what is happening NOW or in the future. Life is moving on & I am just being drug along, not kicking & screaming, but just bitching & moaning!

    Thanks Kaleah & know that what you are living/doing is bringing important information & awareness to me & others who are traveling a similar path.


  3. Scott Smith says:

    YES! Tremendous post and insights. Thank you.
    God bless you always on your path, Kaleah.

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