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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse!

healing narcissistic abuseHealing Narcissistic Abuse and Finding the True Self

Available Now for instant download! Find out More!

A guide to recovering from one of the most painful experiences of your life and coming out better than ever!



Find Your Way Out of the Narcissist's Web and Be Free Once Again!

You’ve no doubt found yourself here at this Website today because you have either been involved with someone who might have narcissistic personality disorder or you love someone whose life has been deeply affected by narcissism or the third option is you are just curious about the life of a narcissist.


My name is Kaleah and like many I have gone through the pain of having my life turned inside out as the result of narcissistic abuse. I know how it feels to reach the lowest lows and have to struggle to get my life back. I know how it feels to be so drained emotionally and physically that I can’t work or be productive in any way.

At my lowest point I couldn’t eat or sleep. I couldn’t go to work or socialize with people. My friends and family couldn’t understand the depth of the pain I was in and thought I should just “snap out of it” or “get over it!”

I would have loved to be able to just “get over it!” But this was one of the most difficult challenges life had brought my way. Even the doctors and psychologists couldn’t help me other than to give me medication to help me “cope.” I went on anti-depressants on the recommendation of a therapist who thought it would help me to eat and sleep.

It wasn’t until one of my few friends I had left referred me to a psychiatrist who believed I had been in a relationship with a narcissist, that my desolate world began to have meaning. I could finally at least understand why I was feeling the way I was. I finally had somewhere to go with this. I finally understood that I was not crazy as I had come to believe I was!

Life got better after seeing this psychiatrist. The pain didn’t end, but now I at least knew where it was coming from. I immersed myself in the study of narcissism, joined an Online support group and made it my mission not only to understand this strange disorder that left me feeling as if I had been raped on a soul level.

My study led me into another long-term narcissistic relationship and finally to a complete recovery nearly five years later. My recovery wasn’t complete however, until I had taken what I learned about narcissism and shared it with others who were going through the same thing I went through.

Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic AbuseIn March of 2007 I released my first E-book Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse” where I share with others not only my story but the methods I used to release myself from the chains of narcissism.

In the Fall of 2007, I released my second E-book “Narcissism, The Web of Illusion” where I share my knowledge and experience with narcissism and explore the concepts of energy vampires and evil as it pertains to narcissism.

I wouldn’t have written either book if I didn’t feel a nagging sense that this work had to be completed. I felt a deep inner guidance that told me I took this journey not only so I could become stronger but so that I could help others become empowered after the deep soul rape of narcissistic abuse.

Narcissism The Web of IllusionI already had a background in counseling/hypnotherapy and spirituality. I had worked for years in my own practice helping people embrace the personal growth path they found themselves on, whether it be struggling with addiction, food, eating disorders, illness, relationship issues, abuse or something else.

It seemed all my life experience had led me to this place where I was to help those who found themselves completely lost as a result of narcissistic abuse.

I have now written two more books. "Rebirth; Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul" which speaks to the souls journey through darkness and back to the light again.

My latest book is a compilation of all my work in the field of narcissistic abuse "Healing Narcissistic Abuse and Finding the True Self."

Recovering from narcissistic abuse is a journey. It is a path back to the self. Those who have been abused by narcissism have slowly lost themselves. They have given pieces of themselves away bit by bit until there was nothing left to give.

It is usually at the moment of ones greatest sense of depletion that the victim experiences the horrible devaluation and discarding by the narcissist in their lives. Having nothing left to give, equals, no more energetic supply for the narcissist. The victim, at this point, becomes “worthless” to the narcissist and is cast aside in favor of a fresh new source of energy.

Most victims, which I chose to call “survivors,” or "thrivers" find themselves at their all time lowest lows once the relationship ends unless, of course, it is a family member who is the narcissist. Then it just seems to continue on out of some sense of familial obligation.

You would think that when the relationship officially ends, would be a time where victims can get their energy back and get on with their lives. But it never quite looks like this.

Instead one ends up feeling as if she has been kicked almost to the point of death and left to die in her own pool of blood while the one who has kicked her goes off to live happily ever after with someone who is young, beautiful and full of life.

Narcissistic Personality DisorderAs survivors we struggle to stay alive and although we know the narcissist is NOT good for us, we become obsessed with him. He becomes our link to life and to our sanity. We somehow believe he holds the answers, the key to our survival. We look to he, who has nearly taken our life to give us back our life. We know on some unconscious level that he has something we need. That something is our very soul.

The path back to self involves reclaiming what was lost. It means taking back the power and the energy that has been extracted through narcissistic abuse. It means educating ourselves on narcissism and how we can break free of the psychic bonds that tie us to our abuser.

If you are on this path, this Website is for you. It is a place for you to come, recharge your battery, and learn what you need to know to break free.

I offer information, books, an Online support group, Counseling services by phone and long distance soul recovery sessions that have proven to be very effective for my clients.

This Website is a growing resource of information to help you in your process of finding your way back to you.

Welcome Home!

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What Others are Saying:


Hi Kaleah,

Two years ago I walked out of a 6 year relationship/marriage to a Narcissist. I didn't even know what a Narcissist was until I was married him for a year. Once I discovered what it was I realized that my husband was 100% Narcissist and a Psychopath as well, I started looking online to find help. Your ebooks quite literally saved my life and gave me the courage I needed to get out of this abusive relationship.

I remember when I first left, even though I was in tremendous emotional pain, people around me told me that I had a light about me that they hadn't seen before, just like you talked about in your books. I knew then I was going to be okay, that I had done the right thing by leaving; that I wasn't just imagining things and no way could I "fix" the marriage.

Now, two years later, I am in another state and have absolutely no contact with him. I feel stronger than I have ever felt in my life and have found contentment within myself I that I never felt before. I can now spot a narcissist a mile away and RUN! I now realize that my mother is also a narcissist which explains a lot of my feelings of insecurity and inability to feel "good enough" and I now know it was not me but her. I still have a ways to go to be fully healed, but am going through the spiritual process.

I just wanted to let you know the impact your books had on me and share my success.

Thank you!


Dear Kaleah,

After years and years of counseling sessions through 3 dysfunctional marriages;  and recently terminating an additional 7 year relationship with a narcissist (never married, thank god!); I found your website, newscast on Sedona Talk, blog and downloads.

I am so grateful to have found such significant wisdom.  This has been a catalyst to embrace the pain and then, work on moving on to more joy and pleasure in my life!

Blessings to you for the difference you are making on our planet!



You probably receive hundreds of these emails (and rightly so!), but I just wanted to thank you so much for producing this wonderful resource. It’s so well written, put together and extremely accurate and has helped me no end. Needless to say I directly encountered my own psychic vampire relationship, and it was a horrible experience. It was your fantastic web site that allowed me to convert the trauma I endured into a sense of understanding and then recovery.

Thank you so much for what you have done for me and I’m sure countless others. S.

I am so thankful and grateful for your guidance and support this past year. I read your e-mails, websites, group forums and listen to your webcasts. I have learned so much about myself and the "dreaded" narcissist I was involved with. Although it started out as the most painful year I have experienced, it is ending as one of the best year's of my life. Without my strength of self, courage and the knowledge I have received, I could not have moved forward. I am proud of my accomplishments and I am thriving! My narcissist no longer has any hold on me and I am a very happy and content woman. This will be the fourth season without contact with him and no dating to allow myself the time for healing and reflection. I look forward to the new year with much hope and anticipation. Thank you for being you and for all that you give to those who have been hit with the pain and suffering of narcissism. Best wishes for a fabulous and prosperous 2009! L.F.

Sunday I woke up and was looking on line for a source of help who is spiritual and energy aware and has been though narcissism personally and… I have found youJ


Every word I have read I could relate to. People who haven’t experienced it in their life might think you talk foreign language but I understand every little nuances your wrote about…

You got me off the bed… It was a mystical effect on me… You did the final cutting part… after I closed your website (I spend 4 hours reading it!!!) I felt free and in a peace…

Thank you for your great work… Thank you form the core of my soul – I need you so much yesterday and God send you to meJ

Also I loved your music…

I admire you… even though I have never met you in real life… I feel like I’ve lived your life and our souls are sisters…

Thank you again for showing up in my life and bringing me back to whom I am.

S.M., Canada

"Give me a candle of the Spirit, O God, as I go down into the deeps of my being. Show me the hidden things, the creatures of my dreams, the storehouse of forgotten memories and hurts. Take me down to the spring of my life, and tell me my nature and my name. Give me freedom to grow, so that I may become that self, the seed of which you planted in me at my making. Out of the deeps I cry to you, O God."

- From Prayer At Night by Jim Cotter


Kickstarting Ykickstarting your lifeour Life is a program designed to get you out of lethargy and into action. It not only gets you thinking about what you want to create in your life on a conscious level but this program also works with you on deep unconscious levels through the power of hypnosis.

Kickstarting your life is a combination E-book and Mp3 Audio Hypnosis Download that guides you through the process of focusing your attention and energy forward in creating a new life rather than dwelling on past upsets, disappointments, grief and negative energy towards others.

If you have suffered a trauma, a divorce, break-up of a relationship, a narcissistic relationship, physical or mental illness, depression, job loss, business failure or are just feeling stagnant, you will benefit from this program.

Find Out More...

A greedy back-biting wicked person will always perish in the process of causing harm to others. Doesn't the moth get burnt in the over-ambitious attempt to swallow up the flame? Vishvagunadarsha

How Common Is Narcissism?

There are an average of 280 internet searches a day for the word "narcissism" an average of 282 internet searches a day for the term "narcissistic personality disorder," an average of 136 internet searches a day for the word "narcissist."

There are an average of 345 internet searches a day for the term "emotional abuse"

These searches don't include more specialized terms like "malignant narcissism" and "pathological narcissism" and the many other terms searched for on a daily basis, including common mispellings (below).

I would roughly estimate that we have over 1200 people a day peforming Internet searches having to do with narcissism.

Terms we have become familiar with: narcissism, narcissistic personality disorder, malignant narcissism, pathological narcissism, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, energy vampire, psychic vampire.

Common mispellings:
narcistics personality disorder
narcassistic personality disorder
narcisistic personality disorder
narcisstic personality disorder
narcissitic personality disorder

narcissistic personality disorder

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